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is the same method used today.  The process for obtaining these contracts is not what you think it is. All you need is a lot of money and goodies to share with those in power.  These kind of contracts are deals that are purchased based on selective information provided to Congressional Personnel.

Kaiser Permanente
To position Kaiser Permanente as a model for the future of health care in America among key Clinton administration and Congressional audiences.
Bain and Associates worked with key executives at KP headquarters and within the mid-Atlantic region to create high-credibility media exposures which would reach the critical audiences. We developed new communication delivery vehicles for each of the primary audience groups, constructed strategic messages for KP executives and target group opinion leaders inside and outside KP, conducted training sessions to increase verbal communication skills among managers, and positioned KP as innovators in developing new and better ways to serve the members.
Kaiser Permanente executives were invited to participate in four White House special panels, and lead the testimony in both the Senate and House hearings. Kaiser Permanente spokespersons were also placed on MacNeil-Lehrer, First Business, and CBS Evening News discussing the benefits of the KP brand of HMO.

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How to buy a Federal Government ContractKaiser hired Bain and Associates to position themselves with Congress to run what today is the ACA