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Note:  KaiserPapers nor any representative has any involvement in the following.  This writing is placed here because the minor patient's father has valid concerns as to the medical care of his son.  The parent does have a right to be heard and does have a right to make sure that Kaiser is aware of his concern, especially as he believes that the court order was temporary and is now invalid.

Aug 13, 2015
To whom it may concern,
I, Arnold, Chad have not seen or spoken to my son, Arnold, Christian Joseph since the morning of July 6, 2015.   On that day he was admitted into the Kaiser Anaheim hospital for a hand infection.   (His hand was severely infected due to the fact that he had endured almost two years of heavy chemotherapy and antibiotic use due to his diagnosis of leukemia in the late summer of 2013.)  However, since entering the hospital I have not had access to my child. 

   Prior to entering the hospital Kaiser legal counsel had written me a letter stating my activities towards Kaiser personnel were disrupting to business.   I'm very sorry Kaisers BUSINESS was being disturbed but the health/life of my child was also being disturbed.   All I have ever asked Kaiser doctors and administrators to do was to please answer my questions!   How is this disturbing to BUSINESS?  Customers aren't to ask questions anymore?  I also asked via mail/fax which made the questions very simple to answer.   Kaiser doctors still haven't answered any of my questions and I am still waiting for a response.

   I began asking questions after chemotherapy use failed for my sons health condition.   To combat my sons relapse increased chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotic and steroid use was to be administered.  I questioned all this usage and wondered what the odds of this working were?   The doctors stated there MAY BE a 5-10% chance.   I don't want MAY BE , I want actual clinical statistics not opinions.   Opinions aren't TRUTH.    And if he has a low chance of SURVIVAL how will his body function after these acids are done destroying all of his cells?   Do I not have the right to have questions answered?   Kaiser apparently doesn't feel that I do.

  My son is apparently still alive.   I can't confirm that with any evidence other than no one has called me to state that he is deceased.   If there is anyone within Kaiser with a warm heart I really wish you could pull some strings and have my son call me.

14 July 2015

Open letter to Kaiser Permanente.
  I am the father of a 6 year old boy who is currently a Kaiser Permanente patient who is being treated for Leukemia .  I write this letter in these pages because Kaiser Permanente doctors and administrators do not communicate with me.   There has been one notice of communication recently which was by way of letter to inform me that I may no longer accompany MY son to his outpatient clinic visits but I may visit him to his inpatient visits if I first check in with hospital security.   It also stated I am no longer to attempt to speak with doctors or administrators.
A week ago my son was stricken with a bad infection.   There were many witnesses to this infection including his brother, a school superintendent, a school teacher, and a DCFS worker amongst others.   They first witnessed signs of the infection on July 5th and Christian was taken to the hospital for it on July 6th.   Christians mother also saw him on July 3rd on which date there was not any infection present. 

  Christian is still in the hospital as of July 15th because of this infection.   I have been trying to contact MY son in the hospital during his stay, however, I have not been able to communicate with him as phone calls to his room are not allowed.   I tried to physically visit him, however, the terms of visitation are rather restrictive.   I went to visit him with my family who arrived from Chicago last week to visit Christian in the hospital.   I drove them to the hospital (Christians aunt, grandmother, three cousins)  on July 13, 2015 and checked in with hospital security.   We waited 15 minutes while security checked to see if it was acceptable to get to the 4th floor to see MY son.   Upon getting approval to see him we next experienced a security escort to the floor only to be again prompted to wait outside the floor as a Child Protective Services agent was with Christian to investigate child negligence charges against me.  (Question to Kaiser: Is Christians infection because of me or because he's endured two years of antibiotics, chemotherapy, and steroids leaving him with nothing to fight back infections with?)   After waiting a half hour for this agent to leave we were then taken to a reception room where Christian was waiting.    Before entering the room the nurse stated to my family that we had a few minutes with him.   Christian came immediately to me and gave me a big hug and smile and sat in my lap.  Then after a few minutes the "meeting" had to end and we left with Christian left in the room crying.   Christians family would like to thank Kaiser for allowing them a few MINUTES with him after flying all the way from Chicago to see him.

   Kaiser has every right to do whatever they want on their private property and I respected what they asked of me.   They asked me to check-in with security and follow instructions.   I wish, however, that in the letter they would have stated that visits would be as short as was allowed.   However, Kaiser hasn't had very good communication with me during my sons two years of treatment.    In two years of treatment I've had two conversations with oncologists.   The lack of verbal communication led me to start sending them questions via certified mail.  I asked for the CEO, administrators and doctors to have a open dialogue regarding my sons care.   However, even those questions have never been answered.   I will include those questions/statements in this letter and maybe they will respond to this open letter.  Here are the most recent issues that I would like Kaiser to respond to:
1.  Dr. Boatsman of Kaiser stated to CPS (which you may find in court filed documents) that "only chemotherapy can get WBC's to go down in leukemia patients."   I'd like to discuss how the WBC count under a naturopathic approach had my sons WBC lowered by 60% from the high count and had been continuing to trend lower.  According to Dr. Boatsman, this would not be possible however we proved that it is.
2.  Case in point; the medical records reflect Kaiser doctors ordered radiation therapy stating "it is because of leukemic cells in his retinas that his vision is blurred and we must radiate to fix this." Only my extreme persistence insisting it was the chemo causing the blurred vision and NOT leukemia allowed my son to avert the serious danger of being unnecessarily radiated. Why is it that I had to seek two other outside professional medical opinions to deem this as factual and prove to Kaiser doctors they were wrong? This level of incompetence is unacceptable and we are no longer willing to take that risk.
3.  A relapse is defined by 5 or more leukemic cells in the CNS.  Medical records reflect that Christian relapsed in the fall of '13 when 6 leukemic cells were found in his CNS.  It appears that his relapse was diagnosed late and could have been dealt with much sooner. Once again, incompetence seems to be commonplace and a disturbing pattern of mistakes and errors has developed and this is unacceptable.
4.  Kaiser doctors state that there isn't a lymphatic system connected to the CNS when research by the University of Virginia and University of Rochester clearly states that there IS a lymphatic system connected to the CNS. Yet another example of Kaiser medical staff incompetence and a clear lack of basic anatomical knowledge.
5.  The second opinion appointment scheduled for May 11, 2015 was cancelled. This denies my ability to properly perform due diligence and because of the established pattern of incompetence, I have every reason to be concerned about ANY procedure or medication a Kaiser employee orders. The usage of MITOXANTRONE (a drug that isn't even FDA approved for my sons condition) must cease immediately. This non-consensual chemotherapy was to be induced on May 12th instead it was moved up to May 8th without my knowledge or consent. This sort of unprofessional behavior and employee misconduct will not be tolerated any longer.
6.  Kaiser doctors failed to produce independent research documents or medical journal publications verifying the cure rates for patients exhibiting my sons relapse characteristics even though I have documented evidence that I had asked for that specific information to validate the efficacy of the chemotherapy being administered. With all the resources available, the information I requested should be readily available to medical professionals at Kaiser but the pattern of incompetence continues to be exhibited.
7.  Christian suffered from severe pancreatic inflammation during chemotherapy treatment; so much so in fact that chemotherapy was briefly arrested before resuming. Since this particular episode, Christian continues to suffer pain in the pancreatic region along with bowel movement problems. Continuing chemotherapy/radiation will obviously cause the pancreatic tissue to become inflamed again and render it even weaker. The caustic acid in chemo is causing permanent damage to the pancreas and the pain Christian is experiencing is symptomatic of this yet Kaiser doctors continue chemo? The pattern of ineptitude is well established at this point and is unacceptable, period.
8.  There is no contract between CHRISTIAN JOSEPH ARNOLD and KAISER PERMANENTE. If no contract exists, no work may legally be performed on the nameholder, Arnold, Christian Joseph.

A new question must now be asked to Kaiser employees since San Diego CPS appears to be involved in the situation.   How soon does my son need to be taken to the hospital once an infection occurs?   Kaiser doctors have never informed me of the time frame.   Highly respected individuals and his father feel he was at the hospital in a respectable time frame.   A DCFS worker from Illinois was there who witnessed his condition along with a elementary school superintendant as well as a second grade teacher amongst others.  They saw no negligence being undertaken.  Again, Kaiser doctors have never communicated with me the proper protocol regarding this issue. 
   Christian and his family deserve better than this.
Arnold, Chad
Entity ID/File #828904700028
State of Minnesota Secretary of State, Steve Simon
Assumed Name Certificate
Filed 6/4/2015
Status Active/In Good Standing

July 9, 2015

A. Tony Santos
Senior Counsel & Lead Counsel PPL
Legal Department
393 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena , California 91188
RE: Arnold, Christian Joseph
Mr. Santos,
  I received a certified letter from Kaiser Senior Counsel, Huma Anwar dated July 2, 2015 in which Mr. Anwar states, "The patient care team caring for YOUR son engages in regular communication with his mother, AS THE SOLE DECISION MAKER FOR HIS MEDICAL TREATMENT." 
  I have repeatedly told Kaisers CEO Bernard Tyson, administrators, doctors, and legal counsel to produce a signed and valid court order stating that Christians mother has SOLE medical discretionary authority for our son.  I have now confirmed  that a signed (by the judge) and filed validated court order does NOT exist and Kaiser employees are acting without any authority to administer highly dangerous and life threatening substances into MY son. Your employees need MY consent to act, period and that consent has never been provided..
  Kaiser Permanente employees have previously been ordered to halt any and all current chemotherapy as well as cancel future scheduled treatments on my living son, Arnold, Christian Joseph. This letter shall serve as proper notice to legal counsel and all Kaiser employees that ALL treatment must cease immediately. I shall continue to heal Christian with widely accepted, non-chemical, non-toxic and 100% safe naturopathic methods of therapy. I provided this therapy to Christian with tremendous success and his dramatic improvements are well documented by blood results that have been provided to the court. Christian wishes to continue with the all natural non-chemical therapy and he has stated this in a video that we made together at his request. This is also what his father wishes and this requires the IMMEDIATE release of MY son to my custody.  Everyday without naturopathic care is another day that his condition worsens and the real risk of a preventable fatality increases.
   The Kaiser directive also states I am not to contact any employee within the Kaiser network regarding MY sons condition. This is totally unacceptable and grounds for legal action as I must have some way to communicate with Kaiser staff before ANY sort of treatment is given to Christian. My approval is required before Kaiser staff administers anything. As an acceptable means to resolve this legal problem, I suggest the assignment of a liaison/contact within the Kaiser organization that is authorized to update me on MY sons status and apprise me of any recommended treatments if hospitalization is required.
Thank you for addressing this issue promptly and I look forward to a swift resolution.
Kind regards,
Arnold, Chad

Arnold, Chad-CEO
Entity ID/File #828904700028
State of Minnesota Secretary of State, Steve Simon
Assumed Name Certificate
Filed 6/4/2015
Status Active/In Good Standing
Administration/Executive offices
3440 E La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806

Re:  CHRISTIAN JOSEPH ARNOLD – Entity ID 828930200027
 I, Arnold, Chad as authorized Nameholder of the registered business entity CHRISTIAN JOSEPH ARNOLD – Entity ID 828930200027, am providing notice of the following:
 KAISER PERMANENTE is acting upon a court order that is NOT VALID. I am concerned that irreparable damage has already occurred as a result of documented negligent acts performed by employees without lawful authority having been granted by the court. KAISER PERMANENTE must produce a current signed and filed copy of a valid court order providing evidence of jurisdictional authority (personal jurisdiction) granting permission to administer chemotherapy and other medical procedures at the discretion of KAISER PERMANENTE employees. KAISER PERMANENTE has been operating under the assumption that a valid court order exists and has been signed/filed into the public record by competent judicial authority.   KAISER PERMANENTE and its employees may feel that the temporary order that was issued UNTIL June 3rd is still in effect, however the facts of case no. DN176573 changed and a new order would have needed to be signed and put into effect by the judicial officer.   Upon searching the public record database of the North County-San Diego Superior Court and attempting to locate this formal court order, I am unable to validate this document exists. KAISER PERMANENTE is acting upon an assumption that an unsigned and unfiled court order confers authority where no lawful authority has been established. The authority to “act” on a court order is predicated on proving a valid court order exists. After reviewing all of the documentation in the court file, I found no evidence of a judge signed formal court order that has been filed into the public record. Everything in this file is “public record” and is readily available for viewing should you wish confirmation. As a means to peacefully resolve this issue, I am reaching out to KAISER PERMANENTE executives wishing only to settle this matter in an efficient manner that is agreeable to all parties involved and in the best interest of my son, Christian Joseph. Absent a valid court order and signed, fully executed agreement between the registered business entity, CHRISTIAN JOSEPH ARNOLD and KAISER PERMANENTE, all medical procedures and actions must cease immediately and future scheduled medical procedures cancelled.
 It is expected that Christian is to be admitted into the KAISER PERMANENTE Anaheim hospital facility on July 6, 2015.  At this point in time should KAISER PERMANENTE choose not to reply in writing and evidencing lawful authority, the lack of a written response shall be deemed an acceptance and all scheduled medical procedures shall be cancelled.  
 Since it is unlikely a valid court order will appear at this point in time, as the authorized Nameholder of the registered business entity CHRISTIAN JOSEPH ARNOLD, I require the following: Only medical procedures approved in writing by myself, Arnold, Chad are allowed. Christian intends to utilize those medical procedures and treatment modalities agreed to in writing between KAISER PERMANENTE and CHRISTIAN JOSEPH ARNOLD. The living young man, Christian Joseph, may receive select blood testing and standard blood/transfusions if deemed to be necessary and subject to my approval. Everyone should want what is best for Christian and this is what he wants as well.   Christians health issue will now be properly dealt with as a protocol to clean and strengthen his body will be administered. 
 I look forward to settling this matter so that we may move in a positive direction and in the best interest of all parties. CHRISTIAN JOSEPH ARNOLD requires a written response from KAISER PERMANENTE by midnight on Friday, July 2, 2015.
 Kind regards,
Arnold, Chad – Authorized Nameholder