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Correspondence with Department of Managed Health Care

Letter Dated October 13, 2000 - Advising me to go back to Kaiser to continue with their grievance program.  That does a lot of good doesn't it if somebody has already been killed?  Not allowed to die but actually killed - there is a difference.
October 13, 2000 letter from DMHC

Letter Dated December 20, 2000
Early letter from DMHC December 20, 2000Early DMHC letter - December 20, 2000
December 20, 2000 letter from DMHC

Letter dated December 29, 2000 from DMHC
DMHC refusal to investigate letter.
DMHC blow off letter

On January 26, 2001 DMHC wrote and advised me that Kaiser was refusing to release the medical records and because of my mother's illness she unable to and Kaiser was refusing my signature.  This agent tried to help as did Regan Wong who wrote the first letter.
January 21, 2001 letter from DMHC

On May 10, 2001 DMHC wrote again and rubbed salt in our wounds because knowing full well what had happened they chose to do nothing at all.  DMHC had advised us that they were indeed taking against Kaiser.  Suddenly when this happened I asked why and was told by the author of the following letter that "Mr. Upstairs," had ordered it.  She also said that no one can touch Kaiser.  I thought that she was nuts.  Unfortunately she the authority to enforce the law and chose to not do anything.
DMHC suddenly stops the investigation May 10, 2001
DMHC cuts off enforcement action suddenly.