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In Memory of Those  Slain, In our Opinion, while
The people honored on this web page are done so with the agreement of the entire family involved. None of these people are considered by anyone to have died a natural death.  Many of these victims of Kaiser Permanente  lost their lives while they and their families fought for them against Kaiser Permanente to receive contractually promised medical care. I must have a request in writing, e-mail is sufficient, to include your loved ones on this web page or notification that their story has already been published at another location.   Please use any of the contact email addresses available on the opening page of this web site to request that your loved one's name be included.  The opening page is at:  http://www.kaiserpapers.org
The following video is of the Candlelight Memorial Service honoring the victims of Kaiser Permanente.

Adam Wesley Arnold - September 11, 2000
Richard Leonard  - 1995
Jennifer Gigliello
Zahman Ahmed
Margaret Utterback
Gerald Zeok
Tasha and Denisha
Richard "Dick" Day
Timothy Joseph Waters
Gregory McCan - Age 7
Frank Puglisi
Brandon Flores
Heather O'Rourke
Baby Barris
Letha Ravenell
Harun Antwine
Wolfgang Spunbarg
James West
Alex Stoyanovsky
Joseph Bondi -  Dec 1999
Courtney Shelby
Shirley Lipskey Patterson
Ward Hubbard
Ryan Arthur Huff
Larry E. McPherson
Abdul Hakim Al-Warith
"Big Bill" Grieve and his wife Pauline Grieve
Kimmie Miller
Helen R. Reisig
Lindsay Gentry
Mr. John Dean Brenner - January 27, 2003
Fannie Rogers - Modesto, California 2003
Trevor Almany
Honorio Darauay 
Ford Kanehira
Ronald Kataoka

Ronald Kawamae
Peter Mark
Christopher Jason Balatico
John Sakamoto 
Melvin Lee

Matthew Salas - July 24, 2003
Evelyn L. Moreno
Clarence Herbert
Franklin Natale Raimondo
Eugene Guevara
Marlene Tailleur - January 1, 2002
Fern Doris Wolfe Moxson - November 19, 2002
Antoaneta Bozmarova. D.O.B. 2/28/1972. Date of Death 9/22/2001
Shirley May Hayward - February 7, 2004
Zevart Yedalian 
Phyllis Hartwig
Betty Ann Peterson - July 16, 2004
Elizabeth Swearengen
Alipati Paopao
Mother Violetlee Runels - deceased 03/07/05
Baby Renea Phillips
Alex Stoyanovsky
Josef Hadvina - 03/20/2005
Margaret Stewart Weidling
Steven Passalaqua
Robyn Libitsky 
Tami - June 9th, 2004
Reggie Arvizu - April 8, 2005
Betty J. Taylor - Sept. 20, 2005
Kyle Benjamin Avila - March, 2005
Christopher Robin Wibeto - August, 2005
Josephine Frances Hart  -  July 26, 2005
Ronela Tepei
Leatrice Fairchild
Gerald Tucker
Marie Mesecher
Abraham Boris Shain - February 15, 1997
Ryan Comer
Keoki Diaz
Angelique Chan
Helen Smith
Mychelle Barris
Edward Glomersall
Michael Anthony Romano - November 27, 1989
Margie Jean Romano - December 22, 2004
Bob Johnson - May 29,  2005 
Ian McClellan - Age 3
Nancy E. Rains - 6-27-06 at Kaiser Baldwin Hills
Paul Carpenteri - 6/07/2005
Jennifer Daugherty
Chris Wiebeto
Jesus Gaytan
John M. Kline
Richard W. Goggins Jr
Ruben Navarro
Lehna Jordann Brewer
Jennifer Daugherty
Josephine Frances Hart
Gregory McCan
"Baby Ryan" Nguyen
Jose Fajardo III
Mychelle Barris
Renea Phillips

Fianna Amor McGuire died on Sunday 9/30/2007
John Pellini - September 30, 2007
Jennifer Daugherty
Elizabeth Wooldridge
Jim Morgan
Ron Henderson
Cynthia Confer

Norman Leroy Gibbs, Jr
Trevor Almany
Jimmy Dale Mor
Richard W. Goggins Jr.
Gerri Fuentes
Darrell Timothy Reed II  - August 15, 2007
Peter Lakos
Maxx Hunter Wendell - December 6, 2007 - age 21
 Dwight Lobb - age 47
Ramm Castellano
Dawnelle Barris

Charles Lewis

Lloyd Monserratt December 3, 1966 - January 9, 2003
Eddie Barnett Jr.
Victorino Noval - May 07, 2010 - Age 78

Henry O. Valles  -  February 13, 2013
David Lu

Diane Goodman
Gustavia Davis - October 26, 2014
Shauna Malone - January 2013
Henry "Hank" Garcia - August 2014
Scott Campbell