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Behavioral/Mental Health Problems at Kaiser 

Biotechnology Concerns

Business and Regulatory Issues Including Fines


How to contact health care reporters - How to present your information and documentation to them.

Contacts for Kaiser CEO's -
According to Kaiser, neither of these men can help you with medical issues.  You must contact the  Permanente Medical Group for medical issues.  Here is their contact information if you still wish to contact them.  KaiserPapers is not affiliated with Kaiser but provides this as a public service because Kaiser apparently will not.

Due to popular request here is the link for contacting George Halvorson:

To contact the  current CEO - Bernard Tyson please follow this link

Hillarie Levy fights for her daughter Robyn Libitsky who was harmed by Kaiser

Horror Stories

Hospice Issues

J.Stein Kaiser patient who was illegally experimented on.

Kaiser Death Watch -

Kaiser - ACA/Obama Care

Kaiser Permanente Physicians found to have harmed patients for financial gain

KP Employees in Government -

Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Help

Kaiser Lyme Disease Patients

Lawsuits and Arbitration with Kaiser -

          Why the Kaiser Arbitration System is highly unfair.

         Anna Rahm v Kaiser, et al did not go to arbitration - How this happened.

Lloyd Monserratt - A young political leader who had his life cut short by a physician who has a substance abuse problem.

Malpractice Incidence Map - Kaiser Only

Medical Records

Medical Serial Killers

News Stories

Other Websites that  provide useful information for the Kaiser patient

Physicians employed by Kaiser Permanente who were convicted or under investigation for molestation and rape of patients -

Self Help Information for Kaiser Patients

How to get a second opinion

Filing a grievance, etc.,

Senior Advantage Concerns -

Susan Kasperski - Kaiser ER Pacemaker Concerns and Legislative Efforts  This section is being developed by Ms. Susan Kasperski, a Kaiser patient who has noticed an inconsistency with ER staff 
capability in handling Pacemaker Malfunctions in California.  

    Also See video here and here and a letter to 

CEO Bernard Tyson here

Transplant Problems -

Workers Compensation Issues and other Employee Related Issues

OFFSITE Articles

Information about Medicare and Medicaid can be found here: Medicare & Medicaid video.

Hemophiliacs: Kaiser Permanente Will Let You Die -

How to research your doctor's ratings and record

NOTICE:  Kaiser is NOT listed as the Top Hospital, Health Care System, Teaching System, nor Top National Hospital  as per Thomson Reuters. Nor did they make any of the lists although they were part of the studies.Read the Reports Here:
For those that question the reported Kaiser profits please view their IRS filings at: - These reports are free to download and read.

Problems with ANY California ER, Emergency Room contact information.  
1.  This link is to the CA Dept of Public Health.  They should be first contacted in all cases.
Medicare - Medicaid - Children's Health (CHIP) Issues Contact Information - This link is a pdf  file.

Google Map of Mold Infested Buildings in the United States

"When California Regulatory Agencies are being administered by former long term employees of Kaiser or the Permanente who can or are drawing a Kaiser pension There IS a conflict of interest that is dangerous to the people of any state, because
the government then chooses not to enforce the laws they are supposed to be regulating and prosecute those responsible for the criminal activity." -
Ron Panzer 

According to Medicare - Major teaching hospitals were [(found to be)bracketed statement not in
report] nearly 10 times as likely as other hospitals to be rated as having high rates of serious