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Press Release from The California Medical Board Pertaining to Kaiser Physician David Dung Do
May 3, 2011

Medical Board of California revokes license of former Anaheim Hills physician

SACRAMENTO — The medical license of former Anaheim Hills physician David Dung Do has been revoked by the Medical Board of California. "The mission of the Medical Board is public protection, and this action reflects the Board's ongoing commitment to that mission," said Linda Whitney, executive director of the Medical Board.

The Medical Board opened an investigation against Do after learning from the media that he had been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting three female patients during examinations. At the time, Do was working part-time for Kaiser Permanente.

The Medical Board immediately opened an investigation against Do. After completing their investigation, the Board filed an Accusation on December 16, 2009, alleging Do was guilty of violating Business and Professions (B&P) Code section 726 (Sexual Misconduct), when it was found that four women had complained to Kaiser that Do had touched their breasts and vaginas under their clothing while he was examining them. The Board additionally accused Do of violating B&P Code sections 2234 (Gross Negligence); 2234(c) (Repeated Negligent Acts); and 2227 and 2234 (General Unprofessional Conduct).

The Board filed a First Amended Accusation on August 5, 2010, accusing Do of violating B&P Code section 726 (Sexual Abuse and Misconduct) with five female patients and, in addition to the previous charges, also violating B&P Code section 2266 (Failure to Maintain Adequate and Accurate Records).

The case against Do was heard by an Administrative Law Judge who issued a Proposed Decision on February 11, 2011. The judge determined revocation was appropriate in this case. The Proposed Decision was accepted and adopted as the Decision and Order by the Medical Board of California and, effective April 29, 2011, Do’s medical license was revoked.

The public record documents in this case can be accessed on our Web site at under the heading "Enforcement Public Documents."
The 35 page document is also stored here for historical purposes: