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This is a Public Service Page.
It was created out of necessity so that people can learn to become proactive with their and their loved ones health care. Health Care is not what it used to be. A patient is often only an item, a commodity of sorts, and often a professional is only concerned about how much money they can make, whether by salary, bonus, data manipulation, government contract , experimentation and/ or many other things. People must become aware of this and do need to not be timid and learn to ask questions and then verify the answers.

People must understand that Kaiser does employ many fine, well trained professional personnel and that they also employ those that sometimes do things that are not professional and which do end up harming people or taking lives prematurely. Many other health care organizations and/or corporations do the same thing. It is not only about Kaiser but Kaiser has been a template for them all. With that knowledge alone the American patient if they choose to learn will have information that may very well help to get proper care for themselves or their loved ones from this web site.

The public should have some capability in knowing what to look for when they seek help. They need to be able to determine when they are being lied to and they need to know what other people have gone through so perhaps they will be able to avoid similar problems.

They also must realize that medical personnel are the same as everyone else. They have the same personal problems, the same frustrations, are prone to the same financial distresses and also react, sometimes stupidly to these stresses just as everyone else does.