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1. Marin Patu – Letter

Dear Dr. Vinetz,

I write you again and ask for an appointment. I called the appointment center yesterday and this morning and talked to Kay, who promised to talk to you about my request and call me back. She never did.

I called on other number and left a mesage for an appointment.

Dr. Vinetz, I am a victim of the many time identified mite infestation, all I need is treatment to get rid of this parasite, that tortures me for over two years.

As you very well know, untreated this medical condition called Acariasis, aggravates my health condition,  beside the torture and the terror that I am forced to endure for so long.

I am a patient in terrible pain and you are a doctor that can help, but for some reason you continue to do what Kaiser did to me for almost two years, ignore me, why?

I have to travel to Denmark as soon as possible, but I am sick.

I want to see my son and the rest of my family, but I can’t travel in this condition.

Even an animal would be treated in a hurry, WHY am I places to a standard worst than an animal?

Please respond to my request for an urgent appointment.

Please open the attachments and see the bites, see the damage and understand that a dog has more rights than me. His owner would be accused of animal cruelties.

How do you call the attitude of so many people who opposes me seing you?

Please see the second attachement and see LA Entomology lab’s medical report, confirming Rat or Fowl mites and once again proves that Delusional Parasitosis, was the result of a fraud, commited by powerfull and influential Kaiser Permanente employee, capable of ANYTHING to prevent me to see you. They are desperately trying to cover up for their blunders, with the help of corporate friendly people. Please stay away from them: you are a doctor.

Please don’t get involved in to this mess; please be what you chose to be: a doctor, and what you have been licensed for to be; a doctor.

Thank for considering to act like a doctor.


Marin Pitu

— On Tue, 2/8/11, marian pitu <marinpitu@XXXXXXXX> wrote:

    From: marin pitu <marinpitu@XXXXXXXXX>
    Subject: UCSD Med. Rec. # XXXXXXX-X
    To: “joseph vinetz” <jvinetz@ucsd.edu>
    Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 1:06 AM

    Dear Dr. Vinetz,

    I write you again asking for an appointment to see you. As I explained you before I am infested with parasitic predatory mites for over two years and I suffer terribly.

    Beside the terrible bites, sleep deprivation is an other torture that I have to endure.

    Is now 1:00 AM and am not allowed to sleep.

    Please open the attachments and see the damage the parasite causes to me, see also the last identification of Rat or Fowl mite, something to confirm that I am in need of medical care.

    Please respond to my request for an appointment.


    Marin Pitu

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