Gail Shephard – A Victim of Kaiser Downey Hospital

A Preview – The Downey Industrial Plant: Hot Legs From A Cold War Please Note: The Photographs on this page are large so it is slow loading for slow Internet connections.      Gail’s story is below.  She has also asked that we place online documents that she has prepared for the public to read. […]

Erich Barrette

Mom fights insurance firm to get lung transplant for son Union-News (Springfield, MA) August 24, 1990 Author: MIKE PLAISANCE STAFF; UNION-NEWS (Springfield, Mass.) Estimated printed pages: 3 Beryl Ohlson says her battle to get a lung transplant to save her son, Erich, is like being on fire. “I’m not going to sit back and watch him […]

1. Marin Patu – Letter

Dear Dr. Vinetz, I write you again and ask for an appointment. I called the appointment center yesterday and this morning and talked to Kay, who promised to talk to you about my request and call me back. She never did. I called on other number and left a mesage for an appointment. Dr. Vinetz, […]

2. Lindsay Gentry

Michael & Kathleen Gentry 40266 Ronar St. Palmdale, Calif. 93591 (661) 264-2362 email contact information: 12, July, 2004 To the American Public and all interested people of this world: The reason for writing is to ask for your help. We are trying to get our unjust conviction overturned.  What we need for you to […]

1. Lindsay Gentry

Kaiser told the family that Lindsay was using valuable resources that other children could benefit from. …..Kaiser finally diagnosed a pneumonia but did not treat her for it. Lindsay passed away at the age of 15, on her 9th day in the Kaiser Hospital.

The Manipulation of HMO Medical Testing

The Manipulation of HMO Medical Testing [Managed cost not care ] By Charles Phillips, MD FACP – Fresno, California, April 22, 2003 Contents I. Background and Introduction II. Kaiser Testing Theory III. Cardiac Stress Tests IV. Complete Blood Counts (CBCs) V. Renal Tests VI. Lyme Disease Testing VII. Anthrax Testing VIII. Blood Clotting Studies […]

Joseph Oreskovich

FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATION The United States is not a defendant, nor is any agency or officer thereof a defendant. Defendants argue that because they were supplying a product or service pursuant to a contract with the federal government, they are “persons acting under an officer of an agency of the United States.” Jennifer L. Haller […]

2. Margaret Utterback

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, the largest not-for-profit U.S. health maintenance organization, on Friday said it will pay $1 million to settle a California state agency’s allegations that in 1996 it did not diagnose or treat an ill patient in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: When was the Kaiser Papers created? I have looked through the website and cannot find the information that I need.  What can I do? Our family has had great experiences with Kaiser.  Is it true that many people do not have the same experience? How can I prevent such tragedy from happening […]

Ruby Strode

Botched Cesarean Section Injured Baby, Parents Claim 2-15-2019 01:56:00 ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CN) – A botched cesarean left a baby with neurological injuries, her parents claim in Placer County Superior Court. Ruby Strode, a minor, by and through her guardian ad litem and mother, Jeanie Zairis, and Jeanie Zairis individually, sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals dba Kaiser […]