Mark Lin

Mark Lin is a Kaiser patient and he is lucky to be alive. He has an aneurysm in his brain and it ruptured.   Kaiser refused to provide timely medical care. He must now be careful to avoid a second rupture. It is leaking and could at any time cause a stroke or death. Only […]

Thomas Callender

SURVIVOR OF KAISER MALPRACTICE THOMAS CALLENDER Tom Callender has Hemochromatosis which is a disease of the blood that Kaiser doesn’t really know how to treat unlike the rest of the medical world.  Perhaps that is why our government is providing Kaiser with a lot of grant money to study this disease. This site […]

Jason B Harper

August 5, 2012: Family settles lawsuit over fatal blood clot Daily Record, The (Baltimore, MD) – Sunday, August 5, 2012 Author: Steve Lash The family of a 48-year-old man will receive $5 million from a health care provider in settlement of its claim that medical malpractice led to his death from an undiagnosed pulmonary embolism […]

Gary Rushford – 1

The Gary Rushford Arbitration This is a small portion of an actual arbitration between a Kaiser Victim and Kaiser Foundation Hospital and the Permanente.  It is copied verbatim though the formatting has been changed for the web viewer. Dr. Deborah Shih, CA License #A51754, current status Delinquent, was the primary care physician in this case. […]

Thomas Douglas “Dewey” Schwartzenburg, Priest

Originally Posted At:,1413,82~1726~2160551,00.html Oakland Tribune   Kaiser not forthcoming over mix-up at morgue  Hospital now says it tried to call priest’s family on day of his death rather than three days after.  By John Geluardi and Rebecca Vesely CORRESPONDENT AND STAFF WRITER  Thursday, May 20, 2004 – OAKLAND — Kaiser Permanente Medical Center-Oakland is […]

Three Babies in Kaiser Sacramento

Originally posted at: Kaiser Apologizes For Burial Mix-Up Three Infants Mistakenly Buried Together POSTED: 7:16 pm PDT May 23, 2006 UPDATED: 10:08 am PDT May 24, 2006 SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Kaiser officials in Sacramento are apologizing for a mistake involving two families whose babies died at the Sacramento medical center. It happened about two […]

Baby Autumn

Kaiser Accused Of Losing Baby’s Body News Video At: mirrored here for historical purposes from: ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) ―  It’s amixture of grief and anger for a young Sacramento father who asks, “Who would be that careless to lose a baby?” Baby Autumn lived for only two hours. Now her parents are dealing with […]

Rosetta Kirks

MOM GETS TO UNLEASH BOTTLED-UP FEELINGS AFTER BABY-SWITCH INCIDENT Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) March 12, 1989 A mother given the wrong baby when she left a hospital maternity ward last month cuddled her own son for the first time Friday and said all she wants to do now is “get to know […]

Malika Armstrong

ALAMEDA COUNTY Couple Claim Hospital Lost Baby’s Remains – Wednesday, April 21, 1999 Oakland — Oakland couple has filed a lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente Hospital claiming that the HMO lost the body of their stillborn daughter.   The child, Malika Armstrong, was stillborn at Kaiser’s Hayward facility on November 23. Her parents, Elisaia Levingston and Joe […]

Lucky Meyer

The case of Lucky Meyer and his dog. On May 5, 2017 Mr. Lucky Meyer and his dog were saturated with the Monsanto Weed Killer and recognized component of Agent Orange by a male stranger who was using the product.  Mr. Meyer’s clothes were saturated, it went into his nose, his mouth and his eyes. […]