Troy and Alana Pack

Update to the Troy and Alana Pack Story From the Mercury News with authori By Tracy Seipel | SACRAMENTO — Almost 13 years after a driver hooked on prescription painkillers drove into Bob Pack’s two young children on a sidewalk, killing them both, the Danville father on Tuesday finally got the call he has been […]

Mia Stevens

18 month old, Mia Stevens suffered burns from this treatment and was ignored by the staff for their horrible incompetent medical staff behavior. Since that took place she has had to have skin grafts and now wears a pressure glove to preserve function of the hand and prevent blistering of the new skin.

Tyler Lusk

The Tyler Lusk Story    Note:  Brackets are created by the author of this article for purposes of clarification. References are at the end of this article. “In 2013 Tyler Lusk was ejected through the rear passenger window of a vehicle, flew 50’ + and struck a light pole at freeway speed and recovered from […]

Richard W. Goggins Jr.

The family of Richard W Goggins, Jr., of Davis, who died of pneumonia at Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center in Sacramento has been awarded more than $2 million as result of a malpractice suit filed against the hospital and its doctors.

Maaza O’Brien

Reported by Court House News: at: Transfer Blamed for Brain Damageby Barbara Wallace GREENBELT, Md. (CN) – A woman has severe brain damage after a financially-motivated hospital transfer led to respiratory and cardiac arrest in the ambulance, her husband claims in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. Maaza O’Brien, 55, was […]

Richard Leonard

The Leonard family, due to their actions, were victorious in getting the doctor’s license revoked. However, those who worked beside Joseph Verbrugge in Operating Room 7 should also be held to the same level of accountability due to their lack of intervention well before the unconscionable events that took an innocent boy’s life.

Ryan Royer Parents Overcome the Odds — Twice Dana Parsons May 28, 2004 The odds of Chris and Rod Royer’s 12-year-old son getting the debilitating hip ailment known as Perthes disease were 1 in 5,000. But he did, and Chris knew things were bad in December 2001 when Ryan approached her as she sat in the […]

Warren L. Anderson, Kaiser MD

DOCTOR FILES SUIT FOR $27 MILLION AGAINST KAISER Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) – Tuesday, May 5, 1998 Author: DAVID R. ANDERSON of the Oregonian Staff Summary: Dr. Warren L. Anderson’s action claims he was left a partial quadraplegic following surgery A Kaiser Sunnyside doctor — the former head of its neurology department — filed a […]

Hank Garcia

Henry Garcia – known by most as Hank Garcia was a great man who Kaiser medical staff had mistreated twice. The first time with inappropriate medical care for a mole which turned out to be melanoma. The second time with his gall bladder which resulted in his death.

Zevart Yedalian – Feb 11, 2004

Originally Posted at:,1,5393042.story  COLUMN ONE A Son Crusades for Mom Chant Yedalian lost his mother to breast cancer, then went to law school to pursue a legal battle against her HMO, which says it did all it could. By Debora Vrana Times Staff Writer February 11, 2004 As a young man, Chant Yedalian played […]