Vianna Trenchuk

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Story appeared in the NEWS section on page A01   SLIM CHANCE OF CURE BETTER THAN NONE HEALTH: A FAMILY BRAVES MEDICAL FRONTIERS TO SAVE A GIRL’S LIFE.   Tuesday, July 8, 1997 MICHELLE NICOLOSI THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Vianna Trenchuk waits alone in a cavernous room. It is empty, except […]

Robban Savoria

When we’re young, we’re taught we can trust our doctors, teachers, policemen, firemen and our parents. But we’ve found out in a big way that you can’t trust your doctors. Not when HMOs and money are involved.

Ryan Arthur Huff

Ryan Huff was born on 5/10/01, and passed away on 7/13/02. Several doctors denied to provide the proper medical attention that could have saved our sons life. We requested Blood test, X-rays and CT scans, if the doctors would have listened to our concerns as parents, our son would be alive today. In failing to do so our son was first checked starting July 7 and he past away on July 13 of a brain tumor undetected until it was too late to operate

Natalie Parra

Kaiser pays for lots of procedures at other medical centers: bone marrow and liver transplants, heart lung transplants. The trick, though, is that the Kaiser surgeon must refer the patient and authorize the payment.

Redacted Patient Name

After nearly 10 years a legal settlement with a protective order between the patient, the family of the patient and Kaiser was reached.  The family is no longer at liberty to discuss the case.  As a courtesy to this family the patient name has been redacted from as much as possible on this web site. […]

Michael Siope

Kaiser did not properly diagnose Michael Siopes’ neuroendocrine cancer and “embarked on an improper and potentially disastrous course of treatment.