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Joseph Oreskovich

FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATION The United States is not a defendant, nor is any agency or officer thereof a defendant. Defendants argue that because they were supplying a product or service pursuant to a contract with the federal government, they are “persons acting under an officer of an agency of the United States.” Jennifer L. Haller […]

2. Margaret Utterback

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, the largest not-for-profit U.S. health maintenance organization, on Friday said it will pay $1 million to settle a California state agency’s allegations that in 1996 it did not diagnose or treat an ill patient in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: When was the Kaiser Papers created? I have looked through the website and cannot find the information that I need.  What can I do? Our family has had great experiences with Kaiser.  Is it true that many people do not have the same experience? How can I prevent such tragedy from happening […]

Ruby Strode

Botched Cesarean Section Injured Baby, Parents Claim 2-15-2019 01:56:00 ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CN) – A botched cesarean left a baby with neurological injuries, her parents claim in Placer County Superior Court. Ruby Strode, a minor, by and through her guardian ad litem and mother, Jeanie Zairis, and Jeanie Zairis individually, sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals dba Kaiser […]

Dean N. Williams

Kaiser Patient Blames Heart Attack on Botched Heart Surgery 2-5-2019 01:37:00 HAYWARD, Calif. (CN) – A bungled aortic aneurysm repair caused a week-long heart attack and congestive heart failure, according to a lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court by a previously fit, middle-aged Kaiser patient. Dean N. Williams sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation […]

Matthew H. Gorman

Man Disabled After Botched Ligament Reconstruction, Suit Claims 3-1-2019 13:20:00 SEATTLE (CN) – A Kaiser surgeon bungled an elbow ligament repair, and left the patient with permanent disability, according to a lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court. Matthew H. Gorman sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington, formerly known as Group Health Cooperative, Matthew […]

Tanya Chuprov

Botched Ovary Removal Spreads Aggressive Cancer, Suit Says 3-5-2019 12:32:00 SALEM, Ore. (CN) – The botched removal of a cancerous ovary caused the aggressive cancer to spread with catastrophic consequences, according to an action filed in Marion County Circuit Court.Tanya Chuprov sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Northwest Permanente, […]

Sebouh Z. Kizirian

No Anesthesia Caused Death of Weakened Patient, Suit Claims 3-6-2019 01:44:00 LOS ANGELES (CN) – Kaiser surgeons operated on a patient with no sedative and caused his death, family members claim in their Los Angeles County Superior Court Case. Edma S. Kizirian, Taline K. Boyamian, Armand R. Kizirian, and the estate of Sebouh Z. Kizirian […]

Patrice Grinnell

Suit Claims Doctor Inseminated Patient With His Own Sperm By Matthew Renda 3-15-2019 17:37:00 (CN) – A California mother and daughter filed suit against a Sacramento doctor in state court on Tuesday, saying he artificially inseminated the mother with his own semen without permission and then performed gynecological exams on his own daughter unbeknownst to […]


Doctor & Boss Raped Nurse Repeatedly, Suit Alleges 3-22-2019 23:20:00 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) – A former Kaiser employee filed a lawsuit in Sacramento County Superior Court claiming that her doctor, who was also her supervisor, repeatedly raped her. The plaintiff, suing anonymously under the name “Poe,” sued Arif M. Seyal, The Permanente Medical Group, Inc., Kaiser […]