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Sebouh Z. Kizirian

No Anesthesia Caused Death of Weakened Patient, Suit Claims 3-6-2019 01:44:00 LOS ANGELES (CN) – Kaiser surgeons operated on a patient with no sedative and caused his death, family members claim in their Los Angeles County Superior Court Case. Edma S. Kizirian, Taline K. Boyamian, Armand R. Kizirian, and the estate of Sebouh Z. Kizirian […]

Richard Leonard

The Leonard family, due to their actions, were victorious in getting the doctor’s license revoked. However, those who worked beside Joseph Verbrugge in Operating Room 7 should also be held to the same level of accountability due to their lack of intervention well before the unconscionable events that took an innocent boy’s life.

Clarence Herbert

Additional news article at:  https://kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/herbert-neil-barber-kaiser.pdf  The Removal of Mr. Herbert’s Feeding Tube Bonnie Steinbock (BONNIE STEINBOCK is assistant professor of philosophy at the State University of New York at Albany. ) The Hastings Center Report, Vol. 13, No. 5. (Oct., 1983), pp. 13-16. WAS IT MURDER, MALPRACTICE, OR HUMANE MEDICAL CARE? The Removal of Mr. […]

Grant Wray and Jose Fajardo III

February 24, 2003 The soul-searching among anesthesiologists at Kaiser Permanente’s Woodland Hills hospital began in 1999, after 2-month-old Grant Wray nearly died as he was being sedated for hernia surgery. Doubts grew the following year when 19-month-old Jose Fajardo III suffered throat spasms during anesthesia, then died. Infant Anesthesia Problems Spark Debate By Charles Ornstein, […]

Darrell Timothy Reed II

August 15, 2007 –  Darrell Timothy Reed II died at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Baldwin Park California On August 15, 2007, Darrell Timothy Reed II  went into the Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park, California hospital for a routine knee surgery and died in the recovery room. Darrell’s mother sat in the operation waiting room just down […]