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Gail Shephard – A Victim of Kaiser Downey Hospital

A Preview – The Downey Industrial Plant: Hot Legs From A Cold War

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Gail’s story is below.  She has also asked that we place online documents that she has prepared for the public to read.

1.  Contamination/Fungus – https://kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/

2.  Contamination-Air

Gail Shephard before transferring to Kaiser Downey.

Gail Shephard – a now former employee of Kaiser Permanente in the Kaiser Downey Ortho Department. Gail worked at Kaiser Bellflower and Downey for 18 years and is ill from the toxic substances on the Downey NASA property where Kaiser built their medical buildings and hospital.  Kaiser states she is fit to work while the State of California is taking a different view and says she is 100 disabled.  Kaiser turned down her Worker’ Compensation claim.  The State of California is providing disability assistance.  (Photo to your left is of Gail before going to the Kaiser Downey facility.)

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Gail Shephard, Steve Basile speak in Santa Monica during a Ralph Nader Press Conference

Below: Gail Shephard after being at Downey only a few months.
Gail Shephard after transferring to Kaiser Downey at the Ralph Nader Press Conference. She is seated next to Steve Basile.

Gail wrote: “My medical care has been provided by my Employer, Kaiser Permanente, for the past 18 years. The Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, has built their New Regional Medical Center on this contaminated land. Soon after being relocated to the Garden Medical Facility from the Bellflower Hospital, I developed painful elbows, and went seeking medical advice. It was suggested I file a work compensation claim, which I promptly did, as it was thought I may need elbow surgery. I also began having many other severe symptoms, such as sudden onset of dangerously High Blood Pressure, Dizzy Spells, Extreme Head Pain, Memory Loss, Breathing Spasms, Balance Disturbances, and I was told I had Stress. As my Co-Workers began experiencing similar symptoms they too, were also told they had Stress! As an Orthopedic Technician, my job duties involved traveling between Kaiser Permanente’s 2 Facilities, the Downey Garden Medical Offices and the Bellflower Hospital location. Not only were my civil rights violated, by unknowingly being exposed to the toxic conditions at the Downey Facility, I was also, at the same time, deliberately and repeatedly exposed to unsafe working conditions at the Hospital Facility. ”

Below you can see clearly the damage to Gail’s feet from the environmental toxic materials that we were exposed to.

Here is a visual progression of illness from the very toxic former Downey NASA base at 12214 Lakewood Blvd., Downey, California.  The most recent photographs are displayed first.

Gail Shephard’s Feet in March 2011

Gail Shephard – Damage to her legs from the Kaiser Permanente Downey, Califoria Hospital – This is what happens to a person that is poisoned with TCE/PCE, Fungus and who knows what else who works at a hospital that is built on a former NASA site. The following were taken Christmas Week, December 2008 by Vickie Travis at Gail’s home.

Gail Shephard Feet
Damage to Gail Shephard’s feet from exposure to toxins at Kaiser Downey
Damage to Gail Shephard’s feet from exposure to toxins at Kaiser Downey
Damage to Gail Shephard’s feet from exposure to toxins at Kaiser Downey
Damage to Gail Shephard’s feet from exposure to toxins at Kaiser Downey
Progression of damage from Toxins to Gail Shephard’s feet while working at Kaiser Downey
Progression of damage to Gail Shephard's legs from toxins at Kaiser Downey
Progression of damage to Gail Shephard’s legs from toxins at Kaiser Downey

May 5, 2008 Photographs:

Earlier photograph of poisoning from Kaiser Downey.

“Did everyone know that the NASA/ Boeing Facility in Downey was the location of the very first NUCLEAR REACTOR IN CALIFORNIA! Did everyone know after decades of aerospace production, NASA underestimated the soil and groundwater contamination levels and remediation requirements? 90 underground leaking tanks! NASA was too broke to clean it all so they PRIVATIZED the LAND to DOWNEY! Just after 17 mos of working at the NEW KAISER PERMANENTE MEDICAL FACILITY, my legs were burnt, I lost my hair, I now have Thyroid Damage, and I was told I’m so TOXIC, I have maybe 2 Years Life Expectancy. This came from OUTSIDE Doctors ofcourse, because my KAISER Dr., NELSON ALBERTO GARCIA, MD, AKA “Bert Garcia:  MEDICAL LICENSE NO. G34864, LICENSE EXPIRATION DATE: MAY 31, 2008,  said my feet and legs look NORMAL with my left foot swollen 5 times bigger than my right BUT I was A-OK to return to work! Cut my W/C payments off and kicked me to the curb! My co-workers are sick and told it’s STRESS and other co-workers are now DEAD! NICE HUH?”