John M Kline

From Mrs. Maria Flor Kline:

My nightmare started in may of 1998–my husband John M. Kline was a patient of Kaiser–after being pumped with big loads of medication for prostrate problems, high blood pressure and  depression pills–he became dependent and unable to move and he gained lots of weight—-

The morning of Mother’s Day he got a brain blood clot which we were not prepared for.

Kaiser took him and performed a brain surgery—his head was swollen twice his size and it was an open wound draining.  Kaiser put a hole in his throat and another one in his stomach.  He was in coma for some time and Kaiser was threatening to disconnect him if he didn’t wake up soon.  

After that kaiser had a person like a social worker who’s job was to kick him out of the emergency bed or the hospital all together.  This person’s job was finding a hospice facility to kick him out of the hospital even if he was not physically ready.

He was placed in one of the facilities -It was filthy and unattended  -the place was smelly and had flies.   Not only that his food was left on a little table filled with flies—my husband worsened and his throat filled with mucous choking him.  

He was placed in a room with a man that had Alzheimer’s.   Kaiser staff had disconnected his tubes and he was taken to a local hospital in the early hours of the morning  -that created a relapse -he almost didn’t make it back–

After that there were several transfers to various distant locations -creating the same kind of problem.   He be very ill anytime he was transferred out of the hospital—

Things finally were getting better and after 3 months he was transferred to a place in Redlands-they were not  any better.

I have noticed that they had a patient in the same room as my husband who had turned blue and the staff called for an ambulance –they didn’t notice that the monitor was not working–

Kaiser at that time had many other cases.  For instance-there was a coach whom had complained of body aches and he was given Motrin but in reality he was dying of cancer—-

One morning I was called by the facility in Redlands and they told me that my husband was having a bad reaction and I was to hurry up.  When I got there he I found that he had been moved to another location.

He had been taken to a local hospital—the head nurse told me when I got there that she was going to take a urine sample.  A few minutes later she came back and told me that she couldn’t because he was left badly infected and it was puss all around the tube inserted for that urine bag—the plug was sealed and badly infected -therefore they have created a very bad acute septic infection causing the urine backed up in the blood….he was taken back to Kaiser  to a little hall room filled with a lot of people because they didn’t have any beds in the emergency room—he was breathing heavily like a running horse—

My husband passed away the following morning of August 3rd 1998—it was not an explanation of what had happened–I have tried to file a lawsuit but my attorney took too long or just sat in the case and let it go past the statue—before that nobody wanted to take my case because all attorneys wanted the file of my husband from Kaiser and when I have attempted to get it Kaiser personnel told me that I was to pay $1.00 per page and that there  were more than 3000 pages…I had no money for that…
The bottom line -my husband had pledged entirely his SSI benefits to Kaiser and he was a veteran -but it was nothing that I could do—he also was treated by Kaiser by a nurse practitioner with doctors approval-

He was a very good man whom trusted Kaiser and whom was never ill nor operated ever before–

Thank you very much   Mrs. Maria Flor Kline  
  Comments are being made about this story for the purpose of educating the public. There is nothing that is going to bring Mr. Kline back nor undo his suffering while “Thriving In The Hands of Kaiser.”  There is nothing that will ever remove the pain of what Mr. Kline’s wife and family had to witness and were helpless to stop or prevent.

This is the story of a senior citizen that trusted, was mislead by Kaiser Permanente, received very poor medical care, and could not change his medical plan because Kaiser had total control over it.  The Federal Government was robbed for Kaiser was paid for this deplorable medical service from government funds.  The citizens of this country were robbed because they funded this government Medicare program and trusted that it would be administered properly and that someone would be honestly providing oversight.  

The attorneys consulted in this case for representation of Mr. Kline and his family sold the family out to Kaiser.  Rather than honestly tell the family that it is a rigged system for all intents and purposes  they strung them along and gave them false hope.  They intentionally let the statute run out knowing full well that no one would ever question their behavior, including the California Bar Association.

Kaiser Permanente violated the law in overcharging for the actual cost of photocopying the medical records.  They took advantage of a family already in the throes of mourning to drag the entire matter along until the very short statute regarding malpractice in California would be past.  It was an intentional act on the part of many differnt people that consistently work together for personal financial gain at the detriment of the suriviving family members.

Mr. Kline was denied emergency medical care and from the family’s information it sounds as if Kaiser also openly practiced active euthanasia on this patient.

These are tough times and tough words are necessary.  For each  patient story that is presented on the Kaiser Papers there are at least 1,000 more that should also be told.  For each person that remains quiet and does not make their information public they are just as responsible as the medical staff that enables and absolves each other by their group participation in actively harming patients for financial gain.  

No matter how they want to sugar coat this they are all taking part in a group absolution and justifying to themselves their lack of responsibility and lack of action because they believe that they have only played a small direct part in harming the patient.    Well, the truth is that they know about it and are not stopping it.   But you the public can do something about this.  You can stop it from continuing.