Mia Stevens

Toddler Mia Stevens suffered Third Degree Burns caused by Kaiser staff

Roseville, California – September 26, 2012

Mia Stevens suffered terribly at Kaiser when several nurses couldn’t locate a vein in her hand and injected an antibiotic drip into it directly.  She was there to be treated for a boil.  For two hours nurses attempted to place an IV in her hand.  They counted more than twenty attempted to place the needle in this little girl’s hand.  They never got it right and instead had an IV drip go directly into her hand.  No one monitored it for quite a while.  The parents requested that Kaiser send in a phlebotomist but Kaiser decided that they wanted their nurses to stay with her and handle this.  One nurse focused more on getting off of work to attend a party that night.  

For six hours, while the IV machine beeped Kaiser ignored the problem that they had caused.  Finally one nurse noticed the swollen hand and stopped the IV.  The antibiotic was so caustic that it began to eat the tissue in the hand itself.

This 18 month old suffered burns from this treatment and was ignored by the staff for their horrible incompetent medical staff behavior.  Since that took place she has had to have skin grafts and now wears a pressure glove to preserve function of the hand and prevent blistering of the new skin.

Kaiser does admit wrong doing.  I wonder if they will do the right thing now or if they will think that admitting is enough.  We all know that it isn’t.

Fox News has done a very good job of reporting on this incident and also provided video coverage at:

Moseley Collins is representing Mia and her family.