Tyler Lusk

The Tyler Lusk Story   
Note:  Brackets are created by the author of this article for purposes of clarification. References are at the end of this article.

Tyler Lusk

“In 2013 Tyler Lusk was ejected through the rear passenger window of a vehicle, flew 50’ + and struck a light pole at freeway speed and recovered from it.  It took Kaiser to put him in a wheelchair,”  Jeff Lusk.

Tyler was a passenger in the rear seat of the car.  This Kaiser Permanente Patient Story is lengthy but important to tell.   Tyler was denied acceptable medical care and was being put out to pasture by Kaiser. A Special Needs Trust Fund which was set up for the medical needs of Tyler was stolen by a Kaiser employee with the assistance of trusting Kaiser employees and a court appointed helper.

A surprise divorce (6) is involved and only the parts involving Kaiser and the patient are included here. 

It involves conspiracy, retaliation and denial of proper and acceptable medical care.  It involves false and misleading statements to law enforcement which resulted in the endangerment and further harm of a patient. 

It involves law enforcement withholding from a bed bound patient life saving medicine. It involves Kaiser employee’s participating in
the theft of money allocated specifically to provide for a patient’s medical care and refusing to do anything to correct their participation.
CORRECTION FROM JEFF LUSK:  This money was Tyler’s daily per-diem for all his time in an out of State hospitals and my reimbursements for lodging per Kaiser’s written policy which I was forced to absorb the debt for when I returned home.
– 16 Feb 2018 – Additional information to follow.

It involves a lot of people involved in covering up a situation that Kaiser allowed to escalate and then retaliating against the victim patient in order to silence the victim and his father.  It also includes photographs of the patient and law enforcement caught in a great big lie.  Why they lied is unknown other than they didn’t bother to fact check anything before they acted which could have resulted in ending the life of the patient. Kaiser the company and some employees were involved in participating in the theft of $10,000 and for four years has refused to assist in recovering it.  In total over 1.5 million dollars was lost but for this story on the Kaiser Papers the
information provided is specific to Kaiser’s involvement.

Jeff Lusk, Tyler’s father is an honorably discharged veteran of the US Coast Guard decorated for a flawless record of conduct during his service.  He has no history of violence or any arrest record whatsoever.  He does not own a gun. He is Tyler’s father and primary caregiver.  Jeff Lusk can be contacted at:  wjefflusk1atgmail.com and 510.847.8238

Fran Lager is a Kaiser Permanente employee nearing retirement.  She was married to Jeff Lusk who is Tyler’s father.  Tyler lived with his biological mother, Myriam  in Alameda and he seldom visited his father when Fran Lager was around.  Neither Tyler or Fran knew each other well.  Fran has her own biological son, Andrew, from an earlier marriage.  Andrew is several years older than Tyler.  There was never any cohabitation and
no co-mingling of funds involving Tyler and Fran or Fran’s son Andrew.

Both Myriam and Fran work at Kaiser.  Myriam is Kaiser Medical (admin in radiology).  Fran is Kaiser IT – both work in Oakland different buildings though. 

Fran has been ordered to stay away from Myriam.  Myriam is afraid of her.

Jeff already had some major challenges running a TBI recovery and a physical recovery simultaneously. He never expected to return from 
Denver to find his house empty. All his furniture and valuables had been taken but worse, his entire 20 years savings, everything he had 
and desperately needed to help my son had simply vanished.  He also never suspected Andy would be involved in such a thing. Why would he.  Jeff had raised him and put the kid through college. He wouldn’t rob his own crippled and brain injured step–brother while he was clinging to life in ICU.  But that is when the money was transferred. 

Andy had ‘opted-out’ after being added to the joint marital accounts (in secret) so the banks withheld the transfer of Jeff’s life’s savings due to privacy laws. Everything was in his new Patelco account the whole time which had been set up specifically for that purpose.  It was all transferred to Fran Lager after the conclusion of divorce proceedings. It is Jeff’s life’s savings and investments … every penny.  It was over 2 million dollars all together and represented everything he had worked and saved for and desperately needed to help his son.

But taking that wasn’t enough. They went after Tyler too. Jeff was not alerted as he should have been when Tyler’s State Family Leave 
Benefits had been approved. Someone had used his EDD login and password to change Jeff’s personal email address on the EDD 
website. The result was he wasn’t notified that the benefits had been approved. Every penny was diverted to Andrew Lagers Patelco 
Account. Then just before Tyler and Jeff got home, Kaiser gave all of our per-diem and travel reimbursement to Fran Lager. On this one Kaiser violated HIPAA and Tyler’s patient privacy rights  giving the entire amount to Fran Lager who impersonated Tylers Mother.

Yes Jeff Lusk’s signature was forged while he was out of state participating in the medical recovery of his son.  In a serious violation of
his son’s patient privacy rights, Kaiser allowed Jeff’s disabled son to be robbed of $10,000 through forgery and fraud by a Kaiser employee at a Kaiser Hospital.  This money was intended specifically for medical expenses which have yet to be paid four years later.
See document written by Kaiser employee Nikhil Chabra on 3 Oct 2017: – https://kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/kaiser-denial.pdf

In 2013  Fran Lager thought Tyler’s accident would delay her planned retirement from Kaiser. She insisted that Jeff, her then husband
choose between her or Tyler, Jeff’s son. She said that if Jeff chose to help his son Tyler,  or if he got involved in Tyler’s recovery that he would
be living under a bridge with him by the time she was done with both of them.

Jeff chose to help his son and Fran Lager followed through on her threat.  She financially wiped Jeff out then went after Tyler leaving both escorted to the street by police under false pretenses which at the time the police did not verify.  A false threat analysis was made with the CCC Sheriff’s Office telling them Tyler Lusk was ‘armed and dangerous’ when he was in fact crippled and brain damaged, completely helpless. This “elicited a response of 14 deputies storming my home and evicting us.  Tyler recovery was wrecked.  He was a three-person move/transfer and I was alone with him trying to administer 28 separate meds including injections.  Tyler was traumatized from the day’s events, fell into seizures and had to be re-hospitalized.”  

Concord PD - Concord, California
Concord PD - Concord, California

Jeff wrote” I was the homeowner.  I had just filed bankruptcy and missed my first mortgage payment in 25 years.  I was standing at the curb trying to keep Tyler calm when a man I’d never met walked onto my property and started tearing up my doors and changing my locks.  I was threatened with arrest if I interfered with him.  I was threatened with arrest if I returned
to my home without his permission.  I was denied access to my son’s medical supplies. 

Tyler wound up back in the hospital.  Any of this sound normal to you.?”

As it turned out, that man who took possession of the property is a friend of Fran Lager and while he was in control of that property, someone went in and took all documentation of Tyler’s recovery, medical care and financial records.  The  Special Needs Trust (SNT) financials had gone missing. They just vanished.  Shortly after, Fran Lager filed a complaint, claiming that Jeff Lager was using the funds for his own gain, that Tyler was not adequately being cared for and raised questions of Jeff’s mental stability.  Since the records had disappeared it was another needless battle for Jeff in the court system once again.

Jeff was forced to file bankruptcy.  “The reality is, had they [Kaiser] paid the expenses (10k) back then there would have been
no need to file bankruptcy.”

After a stunning discovery, I confronted the CCC Sheriff’s Office. 

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed the writ of possession they acted on was illegal.  They used an invalid writ of possession to evict
a homeowner and his severely disabled son.  The shock of the raid was so much Tyler wound up in the hospital. I was forced to sell.  We were never able to reconstitute the recovery we had going in Concord.  Think about what they did.

The police then lied about what took place and who was involved.  From the photograph you can see how uninformed the officers were and how one leading officer who claimed he wasn’t there that day is prominently posed in the photograph.”

In 2017 while law enforcement was investigating these issues, a Kaiser security guard filed a false police report claiming that Jeff was
dangerous and had a gun intensifying hostile communication from the police.  The security guard implied that the situation could be
similar to the shooting incident in Las Vegas, Nevada of the same year.  Kaiser then further aggravated the situation by obtaining a
restraining order against Jeff Lusk thereby making it impossible for him to oversee as primary caregiver his son’s medical care, advocate for additional medical care with Kaiser personnel on the telephone and banning him from accompanying his son for medical care on Kaiser premises without formal armed escorts.  He may now only communicate with a third party, contract attorney that Kaiser has retained for this specific situation and Member Services.
See:  https://kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/RO Exhibit A.pdf
and https://kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/1.29ContemptRespStatement.pdf
and https://kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/Jacqueline Smith Kaiser Accounts Payable September 15 2013.pdf

Here is how Kaiser helped their employee, Fran Luger get away with it and how both took part in manipulating the court system with falsified information.   Kaiser also committed great HIPAA privacy violations and has since attempted to keep their illegal actions covered up by publicly discrediting Jeff Lusk with falsified statements. 

In 2013 Tyler Lusk was seriously injured in a auto accident.  In August of 2013 Jeff Lusk wrote the first of several letters to us [Kaiser]:

Jeff Lusk was then told that his son Tyler is the only Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patient ever transferred out of Kaiser.  After refusing to send Ty to their rehab facility (unrecoverable/vegetative state) Kaiser dumped him in one of their nursing homes, presumably for life.  He was 21.  Jeff then identified the top people and facilities in the field of TBI recovery and after sending medical records and video’s, dozens of emails, and a hundred calls, he got a response from Craig Hospital in Colorado.  Craig Hospital then sent an evaluator to meet Ty at the nursing home in Alameda, California.

Jeff wrote “When Cindy Gay, RN arrived from Craig Hospital, I realized we were on a whole different level. Caldwell – [Dr.]Williams [Kaiser doctor] arrived exactly at the same time for her second visit with my son in 3 months, what a coincidence. It was also the only time I ever saw a Doctor intimidated by an RN.

After Cindy’s evaluation of Tyler we sat outside at a picnic table and Cindy told me Ty was still ‘in there’, she thought they could help him. 
Kaiser absolutely refused to send him to Craig Hospital…..”  Then we discovered a secondary condition that had developed in my son’s hip.  
Heterotopic Ossification is common in brain Injury patients and had not only developed, but become advanced.   Kaiser never tested for it,
never treated for it. I don’t know if it was proper but Ty’s Mom got me a copy of the scans on DVD and Kaiser inquired about the discs – wanted them back.  But I had given them to Cindy Gay and they were at Craig Hospital by then. [Dr.] Williams started calling Ty’s Mom late at
night asking if she really wanted Ty so far away for rehab where she would not get to see him and that patients can even die in rehab… This
was a Kaiser Dr making these calls.

I got one call from Dr Susan Wakerlin (Kaiser Geriatric Dr Also assigned to the Nursing home Ty was at, I didn’t care for her much either) I told
her politely I was only trying to get my son treated and Craig [Hospital] was #2 in the country.  What parent would not send their kid to the best
if they could?   She became scornful and belligerent and I hung up.  At that point I was getting a little scared.  Never in my entire life had I heard
of Dr’s talking like that.  She called back to apologize, but I let it go to VM [voice mail]. The calls to Ty’s Mom made me furious. Since Ty’s
insurance was through her [work at Kaiser] [Dr.] Williams was calling Myriam night after night. We had never been married but had worked together for 21 years raising Ty and the relationship was solid.  Myriam was frightened and it was clear [Dr.] Williams was also trying to drive a wedge
between the two of us.   Our son was laying in a nursing home severely brain damaged and a Kaiser Dr was deliberately trying to set his parents
against each other … it was beyond belief! 

Williams would not return my calls but a new liaison had just been assigned to us, ‘Pat Shannahan’ was some patient care/cust. Satisfaction….
Whatever.   I knew she was higher level than our Case Manger by far.   So I let her have it.  The calls stopped. I had double coverage on Ty through
my work with Cigna.   Cigna had refused to step in but I overstated and told Shannahan they were going to step in and Craig was in their network.  
I also found a medical Lear jet (private contractor pilot owned the plane).   He had assured me he would get payment from either Kaiser or Cigna
but I was prepared to sell my car.   When Kaiser found out about the plane I got a ton of calls…  [I was] Bombarded by Kaiser people. They were
very “concerned” about Tyler leaving the “Kaiser Family”, he’d been with them since birth.  

I still don’t understand why they bought it, one call to Cigna and they would have known.  I was going to fly Tyler Wednesday the next week.   I figured if  I could get him to Denver, then ONE of them would pay it.   Kaiser set up a huge meeting (a bunch of Dr’s and Myriam and myself only on the other side.   They set it for Thursday – I emailed the entire group I would attend but they would need to Skype me in Denver.   Within 30 mins the meeting was changed to Monday.   I could not bring a Lawyer, nor could I record the meeting, if I insisted they would not have the meeting.  Myriam and I attended when at my insistence they cut the number of Kaiser Dr’s from 12 to 5 including Pat Shanahan.  In the first 5 minutes they had Caldwell – Williams apologize and take responsibility for the HO and rude behavior.  Then Pat said Kaiser was flying my son to Craig Hospital Denver and would cover my meals and lodging to stay as his family member and attend the training and recovery program with him.   I kind of went to pieces or a bit there and had to leave the meeting for a bit but I came back and sat there for 1.5 hours as they told us the severity of the HO in Ty’s hip.
We already knew and I was too emotional to remember most of it anyway.

Tyler was quickly flown to Colorado and Craig Hospital. I set out a day before knowing I’d need a car there and had my Xterra crammed full of
everything we’d need for god knows how long.

All of Craig’s patients are at risk of contracting HO, it’s very common, expected even in brain injury patients so they have an enormous amount of
experience treating it.   Ty’s case was the most advanced they had on record.   When Craig professionals saw Tyler for the first time they all asked
the same two questions, “Why weren’t they treating him?   How many more are there?”  They stopped the growth immediately but it was far too large to treat with medication, now it would be a very difficult hip surgery and then another on his knee.   With the H.O. growth finally stopped Craig Dr’s and Therapists began treatment for the Brain Injury.  My son and I spent the entire summer there together.   Snow was falling in the higher elevations when I put Ty on the medical Lear Jet back to CA.   He smiled, gave me a thumbs-up and said “I’ll see you in California”.   I started the long drive home with all our belongings crammed back into my Xterra.   I made this as a thank you to our friends at+ Craig for what they did for us both.   It’s very crude and was made from clips taken over three months with a phone camera but it tells the story in about 3-4 min’s; It’s called Halleluiah:


Since returning to CA Ty has had two surgeries (removal of the H.O. bone growth in his hip and it was a messy one.   The bone had to be chiseled out. 
They said they got it all but who knows?  Then the knee surgery in May. [2014]  His leg is a wreck.  We can’t get his foot to point the right way and he
cannot put any weight on it, yet anyway. Since last October Tyler has gone though two full leg casts and multiple splints & braces.   He has contracted
MRSA and flare-ups are always on his bad leg where we have no end of skin problems, and we are always fighting infection.   As I write this Tyler,
after being taken into Kaiser Walnut Creek for treatment of another MRSA flare up on the bad leg and then he was transferred to Vallejo for rehab
on the leg.   They have not said it officially but I know they feel this would be far quicker and less expensive for them if he were on a prosthetic.  

I’m no longer sure what is best b/c they are right that he’d be up and walking sooner but he’s only 22 and Kaiser is doing their best to ensure Ty
receives no damages or financial assistance in the life he would face with one leg and a brain injury.

The frustration is that his hip and leg were not caused by the car accident and developed while he was under the care of a Kaiser Neurologist and
the condition was entirely predictable and wholly preventable.   Within the tons of paper and info given to us was Caldwell Williams’ pamphlet with a
detailed description of Heterotopic Ossification and how Tyler was at a high risk because of his injury. It detailed the ‘standard proven procedure to
prevent it. Starting with the bone scans to watch for and detect early signs of the condition and treating with Didronel to prevent any microscopic growth. 

Well they never did a single bone scan.  They couldn’t do it at the Nursing home. It was the Kaiser Dr who is responsible to get him to Oakland where
it can be done. But she only saw him twice in 3 months).  My son never got a single dose of Didronel and by the time I got him to Craig Hospital it was
the size of a human fist, by far the largest they’d seen on record.   Williams never followed one single procedure outlined in the document she herself
gave us which she so thoughtfully autographed. My son was ejected through the rear passenger window of a vehicle flew 50’ + and struck a light pole
at freeway speed and recovered from it.  It took Kaiser to put him in a wheelchair.

In September 2013 while Tyler and Jeff Lusk were in Colorado:

Fran Lager, now ex wife of Jeff Lusk but not yet at that time used 2 fraudulent claim forms on which she had forged Tyler’s court-appointed conservator’s signature.   She was completely unauthorized to speak or act on Tyler’s behalf.   Kaiser gave her the original checks; two 5 thousand medical referral checks.   They were written out to Tyler Lusk, their patient Tyler Lusk.  The banks refused to cash the checks for Fran Lager.   Fran Lager then returned to Kaiser, still with no authorization whatsoever, and Kaiser agreed to remove their patient’s name from his checks because only Tylers court-appointed conservator could cash those checks with the patient’s name on them.   They replaced it with the patient’s conservator’s name whom Fran Lager had filed for divorce with but had not yet notified.

She still had a joint checking account with Jeff at Patelco.   She used that account to cash the checks and steal Tylers money.

October 2013 – Jeff returned home with his injured son to discover the travel and per-diem totaling $10,000 was already claimed and his accounts
were empty.   He reported the theft to Kaiser asking how those checks were issued.   He received an email from Kaiser’s Jacqueline Smith in accounts
payable before Kaiser Legal realized they had been working with a completely unauthorized Fran Lager and put a lid on the whole thing.   Kaiser began stonewalling Jeff,  refusing to call the police or hold anyone accountable for the theft.   Jeff was unaware of the clear HIPAA violations Kaiser had committed in facilitating the theft against Tyler and himself.
See:  https://kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/Jacqueline Smith Kaiser Accounts Payable September 15 2013.pdf

Kaiser appears to have then decided to cover-up their HIPAA violations by allowing Fran Lager to keep the stolen money and force their crippled
and brain-injured patient to suffer the $10,000 loss saying only “the expenses have been paid”.   Kaiser refused to call the police and report forgery and fraud committed against their patient by Kaiser employee Fran Lager because it would expose their own serious violations of State and Federal privacy laws.

In June of 2015 Jeff wrote:

“I had already paid for her sons education so she took every bit of our furniture, cleaned out our accounts canceled all my credit cards filed for
divorce. I came home to an empty house and all my cards canceled and no money. Tyler was due home right behind me and Fran had assisted in planning our home for the Home Phase of recovery right up till then. Throwing recovery into chaos would better facilitate a favorable ruling in
mediation she had reasoned.   But we fought her legally.

What none of our supporters know is that I have fought my ex- who was determined to stop this recovery non-stop for 1.5 years. She told me we’d
be living under a bridge when she was done.  We have a lot of equity so I could use that to complete the final year of this miracle.  No way could
she stop it. We would sell the house.   I recently discovered that when (before Denver) we refinanced the house we had a line of equity for emergencies.

My ex (Fran Lusk now Fran Lager) had taken every penny out in loans and banked it in my stepsons account claiming to have paid bills. A few weeks
ago we discovered the bills were bogus and the loan money was nearly doubled with our savings.  Her sister is a non-practicing attorney
who has guided her the whole way.  They’ve beat me at every turn I had no attorney in the divorce hearing.  My attorney turned out to be working 20 feet from Fran’s in the same building and were friends.  He quit 10 days before trial. He had done nothing to prepare our case.  I failed to get an extension and was wiped out at the hearing.   I had no idea how to be an attorney but the Judge was angry at any delay and had threatened me with heavy fines if I did not proceed.  I lost top to bottom [and] the home [was] ordered to be sold.  The loans and phony credit card payments were only recently discovered. 

Fran has lied to everyone and has set this up so well and I’ve been so unbelievably slow to catch her… I spent the only money I had available paying the mortgage for the last 18 months but then filed chapter 13 so we could finish recovery.  Fran and her sister have found a way around it and tomorrowdespite all my efforts the CCC Sheriff will drag us out and Tyler will be pushed to the curb in his wheelchair.  I’m out of options – I cannot believe this could happen and it is wrong.  Her son who was not working had nearly $3,000.  We’ll lose everything and this miracle will end.  I was 9 months away. 

Fran knows we sued Andy to get his account info so she speeded everything up.  We won’t have it for [a] couple weeks – too late.  Her son called last
week taunting me about it, he’s known the whole time. Fran will be here tomorrow to watch.  Our friend of 25 years and real estate agent has backed
out not wanting any part of what’s about to happen –  Lynnette Edwards Better Homes and Garden.   Fran has lied to everyone and she’s convincing. 
Nothing has been fact checked. There are no more options.   Tomorrow we’ll be thrown out and Fran’s promise will be true. She’s booked an
international flight but nobody knows where she’s going.  Patelco confirmed the transfer of the entire loan $$ and phony credit card payments up to $7,000 a month for two years.  All of it was transferred into her new account under her new name Fran Lager.  Lynnette said Fran was booked on an international flight departing the day after we are thrown out and the house will sell quickly when listed,  4211 Cuneo drive,  Concord, California  94511.  

All the equity will go to pay back the loans that will be leaving the country with my ex wife.

Recovery will end, and people do not know what my son has accomplished against all odds. They should know.

We saw a judge who allowed us to stay in the house to keep the recovery going and the progress was amazing!

I had my son back but it had cost me everything.  Here is a video I created from last summer:

2017 –
On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 4:40 PM, Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1atgmail.com> wrote to the Kaiser contracted attorney:

CCC Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs division has a path on the illegal writ used to evict Tyler and myself, (a homeowner and his disabled son).
In order get it, Fran Lager employed her usual strategy of manipulating the court system by filing false claims and misleading Judges.  In this case,
she also misled Federal Court because she needed to have herself appointed as a ‘creditor’.  This allowed her the authority for the next deception which was to take that ‘creditor’ to mislead a Superior Court Judge in Martinez where she misrepresented herself and lied to Judge Bowman claiming she was the owner of the property and that Tyler and I were ‘renters’ who had not paid our rent.  (Lager had not even assisted with a mortgage payment in two years and we had also been burdened with paying off the equity loan she had hidden in her own son’s Patelco account).  With her new ‘creditor’ status Lager was able to secure an illegal Writ of Possession from the Court.  She then took it to Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department and demanded an eviction.

Not satisfied at having us illegally evicted she filed a false threat analysis fully aware of my sons medical condition.  She filed a false threat analysis
with CCC Sheriff’s Office telling them Tyler Lusk was ‘armed and dangerous’ when he was in fact crippled and brain damaged, completely helpless. 

Sheriff’s Office responded with a high-risk operation consisting of 14 heavily armed men and two ambulances outside for casualties, (Tyler and me). I was restrained by 4 deputies and Tyler was awake and sitting up when they stormed his room with shotguns. Tyler was confused and frightened and did not understand or comply with the commands being shouted at him. His brain injury, inability to speak, or move his right arm from under the covers due to TBI related apraxia very nearly got my disabled son shot in his bed.  As you can see from the attached photo taken during that time period, Tyler looked normal.  There was no way for them to tell he was suffering from a severe brain injury and the Deputies believed their lives to be in danger.
See photo at top of page.

Ms. Lager followed the eviction via phone from her hotel in Bath England where the theft of Tylers $10,000 From Kaiser Oakland had allowed her to
take a relaxing vacation.

Still not satisfied with what she’d done to Tyler during the eviction, Ms. Lager, with no standing whatsoever, then placed the first of several calls and lied to another Judge.  This time to Superior Court Judge Sugiyama in Martinez and spoke with his Court Investigator. Ms. Lager knew she’d stolen every penny we had but wanted to make sure we could not re-establish Tyler’s recovery effort somewhere else, or for that matter, financially survive at all. I was accused of financial mismanagement and the Trust I’d set up for my son was cut off for 8 months. Tyler’s lifeline was cut and his formerly highly successful recovery effort was ended.

In that incident alone, Fran Lager lied to 3 Superior Court Judges, and the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Department. She even lied to Federal Court. —
(That was a big one) to obtain official status as my ‘creditor’, I have a copy of the fraudulent ‘creditor status’ papers she submitted to the court in Martinez.

CCCSO has established a clear pattern of Fran Lager lying to judges and their courts to defraud and even do harm to innocent people.  Sheriff’s Office has the total count at 8 Judges in 2 Bay Area Counties.  Fran Lager has defrauded Tyler and me of everything we owned and inflicted extreme emotional distress hardship during the process of ruining our lives which was her intent from the day it was determined Tyler would survive his injuries.

When it became apparent I would lose everything we had in storage, the last of Tyler’s things and my own, I became overly distraught.  I needed Kaiser to reimburse our Denver expenses immediately. I had been placed under extreme emotional duress and Kaiser was adding to it.  My signature forged on the claims, our expenses, $10,000. had been stolen by a Kaiser employee from a Kaiser facility while my son and I were 1200 miles away after my legal separation from Fran Lager.  Tyler and I were never paid. We have still not been paid as Kaiser forced us to absorb the financial burden of their mistake.

This on top of the staggering loss of everything we owned already suffered. Kaiser in the face of a clear act of fraud holding evidence of two counts of
forgery and their own witness statements, misrepresentation, and fraud insisted the unauthorized Fran Lager keep all our money as some kind of a
reward I suppose…. That one week my emails became profane. They were not threatning, not even close.

Your client Mr Lynch after collaborating with none other than Fran Lager herself, just told a Superior Court Judge I had a firearm and suggested in his
filed documents I threatened him with it. This is Lagers M.O.  That brings the total count to 9 judges. Lager is teaching others the merits of lying to Judges.  

The judge cited the horrific events in Vegas as her reasoning behind granting the restraining order.   The gun lie told to the court worked.

Actually, it’s not just your client that claimed I threatened him with a firearm.  As you pointed out yesterday it was all of Kaiser that told that lie to the court in order to suggest and increase the appearance of a threat.   You didn’t have evidence to support it from the emails alone because I never threatened anybody. So on Lager’s advice, your client simply made up a false gun threat.

Those were the angry emails of a Father who felt completely powerless to protect his son. Kaiser had rendered me as such simply ignoring their
obligation to honor their own Travel and Expense policy. They gave Tyler[‘]s and my money to an unauthorized employee then punished me for complaining about it.

As a result, I can no longer advocate for my disabled son as I have done in the past at 5 hospitals across 2 States.   His privacy and his rights continue
to be completely ignored by Kaiser to this very day.   Tyler is at risk from his HMO who still employe’s the criminal that ruined his life.   Kaiser cares nothing for privacy as his patient rights are routinely trampled and his advocates punished for demanding them. When he is defrauded and robbed, his money taken by a Kaiser employee at a Kaiser facility, Kaiser tells the crook to keep the money and won’t even file a police report.  
                                                                                                                                           They’ve made the conscious decision to support Lagers acts of forgery and fraud instead of supporting Lager’s victim, their brain-injured
patient as he is forced to pay for Kaiser’s mistake. Now they’re even attacking anyone trying to stand up for him.

Jeff Lusk


“Kaiser realizes that they  cannot have me constantly going to member services and complaining about this because if members
services does not report the HIPAA violations it’s ANOTHER violation.  Kaiser decided to file a restraining order against me but
does not have the evidence to support it. They decide to try a ‘workplace violence’ restraining order.  Their plan was to springboard
off the very recent tragedy in Las Vegas and have security person Douglas Lynch lie to the judge and say I had a gun and had
threatened him with it.  It’s worked.  The Judge even cited the tragedy in Las Vegas as the reasoning behind granting the order. 
Kaiser included in the restraining order that it will be illegal for Tyler’s Father and conservator to call or speak with member services. 
He must check in with Kaiser security and be escorted when he takes his son to Kaiser Hospital because he is labeled as ‘violent’.
He can no longer tell Kaiser employee’s his son was defrauded.  Problem solved.

Tyler’s conservator’s reputation is permanently smeared, he’s labeled as a ‘violent’ man.

I am an honorably discharged veteran of the US Coast Guard decorated for a flawless record of conduct during my service.  I have no history of violence or arrest record whatsoever.  I do not own a gun.

My signature was forged.  In a serious violation of my son’s patient privacy rights, Kaiser allowed my disabled son to be robbed of $10,000 through forgery and fraud by a Kaiser employee at a Kaiser Hospital.

Yes, I was a threat to Kaiser, but not in the way they told the judge. They just needed to smear my name and damage my reputation to shut me up so they could keep their own serious violations of State and Federal privacy laws hidden from authorities.

Kaiser withholding those expenses was key to keeping us from paying the mortgage.  They were supporting the whole thing after that because they were in it up to their waist in a HIPAA violation.  Been screwing us and refusing to report themselves ever since.

I didn’t even realize they had put Member Services on the restraining order. It’s not about violence at all.   The guy saying I threatened
him with a gun had never met me or spoken to me on the phone.  He jumped into an email string and I saw he was security and told him 
my son was robbed at a Kaiser facility [where] they had the fraudulent doc’s and the signature of Tylers court-appointed conservator
was a forgery and to do his Fing job. I guess that guy was the only person Kaiser could find stupid enough to lie to a Superior Court Judge.

I called member services because you can’t do anything at Kaiser without them.  Kaiser isn’t worried about violence, they’re trying to prevent me from filing a HIPAA complaint.   Considering how long it’s been going on and the fact that every employee aware of it that has not reported it is guilty of committing a crime it’s probably the biggest violation of HIPAA since the day it became law.

They’re trying to put me in jail for contacting Member Services.  I don’t even know how I’m supposed to take Tyler to the doctor without
getting thrown in Jail.

…..Fran Lager (Lusk) was not authorized to speak or act on behalf of Tyler Lusk.   Kaiser has known it for four years.  This is what they are trying to bury and what I am not supposed to talk to member services about.

Feb 2, 2018 – The following is a series of email correspondence between Jeff Lusk and the Kaiser contracted attorney.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: I can Call Accounts Payable and get our money right?
To: Mike Guasco <MGuasco@butycurliano.com>

Threatening me will not stop me from protecting my son Mike.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 6:56 PM, Mike Guasco <MGuasco@butycurliano.com> wrote:
Mr. Lusk:

No, you can’t for two major reasons. First, the restraining that you brought on yourself does not allow it. Second, Kaiser considers the matter closed. Kaiser will not reopen the matter. Kaiser has been telling you that for 4 years. Sending me repeated harassing emails will not change that.

Mike Guasco
Buty & Curliano LLP
Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 2, 2018, at 6:54 PM, Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1@gmail.com> wrote:
Mike – I can turn in my expenses – that is no violation.  I’m just passing on a message with them.

Now ask me if I’d go to jail to protect my son.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 6:38 PM, Mike Guasco <MGuasco@butycurliano.com> wrote:

No Mr. Lusk. Not okay. Please do not put me in the position of needing to have you arrested.

Mike Guasco
Buty & Curliano LLP
Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 2, 2018, at 6:34 PM, Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1@gmail.com> wrote:
So they are all aware and the HIPAA violation does include conspiracy charges. How do the parents usual[l]y react when Kaiser approves robberies to be committed against their disabled kids and rewards the scumbags that do it with $10,000?

But we still don’t know who “they” are do we? We just know “they” are cowards and crooks and “they’ like to abuse disabled kids.   I’ll just make the offer when I call AP to claim our expence reimbursements and recommend they get it to Mr Tyson.  For all I know you’re just paid by some vindictive little squirrels in the lowest ranks of Kaiser legals rank and file.  I need the
decision makers to be involved and that includes Bernard Tylson okay?

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 6:19 PM, Mike Guasco <MGuasco@butycurliano.com> wrote:

Mr. Lusk:

If you call Accounts Payable (which would be a violation of the restraining order that you brought on yourself), whoever you speak with will likely not know the story. It isn’t a matter of keeping things compartmentalized, rather it is a matter of Kaiser being a very large organization. However, the appropriate people within Kaiser are familiar with you and your restraining order. They are familiar with your abusive and harassing tactics. It is your repeated, inappropriate conduct that led to my office being
retained to get a restraining order. It is your continued inappropriate conduct that led me to the position where I had no choice but to ask the Court to hold you in contempt. I have tried to help you. Yet you insist on continuing your pattern of inappropriate conduct.

Mike Guasco
Buty & Curliano LLP
Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 2, 2018, at 6:12 PM, Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1atgmail.com> wrote:
I’ll ask them to ask for me when I talk to accounts payable – you clearly are not communicating with the proper Kaser people.  Someone there trying to keep this compartmentalized?  Won’t work.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 6:09 PM, Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1atgmail.com> wrote:

I’d like a response because.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 6:08 PM, Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1atgmail.com> wrote:

I’ve been on the phone with DMHC all day and this isn’t going to be pretty. I could just stop talking to them and let it drop.

If the restraining order is lifted I’ll report this never-ending self-perpetuating HIPAA violation being committed against my son to every employee at Kaiser every week until my sons rights are respected.   If the order gets lifted I will advocate for my son and protect his patient rights like Kaiser has never seen before.   Every employee at Kaiser hospital will know who Tyler is and that Kaiser has violated his rights and HIPAA with abandon.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 5:59 PM, Jeff Lusk <wjefflusk1@gmail.com> wrote:

Does Kaiser want to make this all go away or not.  When the judge becomes aware her court was misled by you and Lynch and Kaiser to cover up crimes committed against Kaiser’s patient, my son, I doubt you’ll have a restraining order.

I will talk to member services 10 times a day until my expenses are paid-then the lawsuit.


And so the bullying behavior from Kaiser continues as they continue to cover up their wrong doing.

Hopefully Mr. Tyson will read this as Mr. Lusk hopes.  It is hard to believe that in California this kind of behavior which manipulates the courts and the police systems is condoned in such a manner reminiscent of small southern towns as portrayed in John Grisham novels.  

Same on you Kaiser.  Not one person out of your so called gigantic organization could go out of their way to help a young man in a wheelchair and with severe brain damage pay a medical bill that you caused.  Instead you assisted a person to steal that money and went out of your way to protect themto avoid corporate embarrassment.  Shame on you.


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